Why do business

We exist to help our client in three ways:

  • By minimizing loss of wealth due to significant market downturns, due to excessive capital gains taxes or wealth transfer taxes and from the potential frivolous or fraudulent lawsuits that come from being wealthy.
  • By restoring your time. Too often, professionals are hired after the metaphorical house is on fire. Often the professional is not right for the job and the fire gets bigger. We do our due diligence for you, in an effort, to prevent the fire from starting in the first place.
  • Privacy and Discretion, we provide our services with the utmost in both. No one will ever know we have a working relationship unless you desire so.  Your identifying information will not be shared with an outside list service EVER!”

Many of our clients are concerned about the “safe” part of their portfolios. This usually means bonds or bond funds.  They know that as interest rates go up, the value of their bonds goes down. We use several proven alternative strategies to replace the income needed from low-yielding bonds.

Everyone must pay their share of taxes.  No one should pay one penny more than the law states!  We help reduce the tax obligation of wealthy clients by promoting conversation and communication between investment, legal and accounting professionals.